[sword-devel] iPhone Frontend

Ian Wagner IWAGN973 at students.bju.edu
Mon Nov 17 21:50:36 MST 2008

Hey guys, I posted to the list a week or two ago about the possibility  
of an iPhone frontend and just wanted to give you guys an update and  
get some feedback. I worked on the project over the weekend a bit and  
have a usable proof of concept ready. The module text renders fine one  
chapter at a time on the screen, navigation buttons are in place for  
next/previous chapter, and a module selection screen allows the user  
to select the active module. Searching, bookmarks, a good method for  
selection of text, and a module downloader system are on my TODO list  
for now.

I have a few questions about what the next steps in the process are  
though. First off, has anyone determined if we can distribute a GPL'd  
iPhone app? From what I can make of it as long as the source is  
available on the web or something then it is GPL-compliant (this is  
what the people at Wordpress have done so it seems ok to me, but I  
thought I should double-check). Second, I am wondering if I am to  
develop this independently or if there is an official method for  
developing SWORD frontends. I have an iPhone dev license and would  
really like to see a SWORD frontend for these devices.

Thanks and God bless,
There's no place like

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