[sword-devel] CrossWire website / wiki [was: [OT] just join, testing only]

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Tue Nov 11 01:16:58 MST 2008

kylehr writes

> For the newbs, by "project website" do you mean
    > /www.crosswire.org/wiki?

No, and that is part of the problem. ;-) www.crosswire.org.

scribe writes

> And I'd love to give access to a few old-timer volunteers, who 
> understand our terminology and goals, to update the CrossWire main page 
> when they see it out of date.  Volunteers?

Not sure whether I count by now as old-timer, but here I am volunteering.

One of the problems right now is not just the bizarre growth of the
website with so many portions so well hidden away that they carry no
link to the front page (or anywhere else to) , but also the lack of
transparency who can edit what.

My suggestion is that we update and work jointly for a few moments on
the site map which is posted currently on the wiki


and part of this is the need to know who can edit/change where, who has
rights including admin rights etc.

Further we have lots of stale parts of the site - jira is one of them.
many of the bugs posted are 2 or 3 years old (or older).


I know that the absence of Jira a few months ago was a big deal for
BibleDesktop, but who else is actually using it? If a project is not
really making use of it, I think it looks quite disheartening to anyone
accidentally ending up there and finding old (lots of) bugs unresolved
(at least on "paper"). We should delete projects from Jira if this is
not in used. Or if the projects are a bit stale themselves. I think
there should be no shame in stating about certain projects - "they work
up sword version X and now we retire them. No more bug reporting as it
just looks bad if we accept bugs, but do not deal with them. Here is the
code, here is  the binary. Cheers"


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