[sword-devel] what to do about citation tags in ThML?

Brian J. Dumont bdumont at ameritech.net
Mon Nov 10 08:43:18 MST 2008

David Troidl wrote:

> 1) I don't know if being in bible.mod actually restricts the
> <citation> element to bibles.
> 2) You could always use the <cite> element defined in the main DTD.
> 3) You could contact CCEL: http://www.ccel.org/info/email.html
> Harry Plantinga, who runs CCEL, created ThML originally.

Good advice, David ... thanks

The trouble with the <cite> tag is that Bible Desktop pukes on it.  If a
<cite> tag is found within a <div>, then BD just plain won't display
that <div>; gives an "Internal Error".  I've since found that it does
the same for <verse> tags.  I've tried to sign up for the jsword-devel
mailing list, but have not been accepted by the moderator.  Don't know
what's up with that.

I'll contact Harry.  It's nice to be able to email an actual person
there, as opposed to a black abyss.  :) Thanks.

I appreciate your help,

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