[sword-devel] Module configuration files

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Sat Nov 8 02:39:23 MST 2008

A while back we discussed, but I am not too clear on the final outcome -
the wiki certainly does not reflect what I remember -  the idea of
adding internationalised content into the module configuration file.

My suggestion is that we move this now forward and in the following form:

At least Description and About, but preferably also Copyright should be
accessible to internationalisation - and not just in the module's
language but in all other languages as required.

The way to do this should be:

Description: [a short English language description]
Description_de: [eine kurze Beschreibung auf Deutsch]
Description_fa: [تسیخ کوتاه به زبان فارسی]

same for About and Copyright.

Not all languages are relevant for all modules, but we do not always
know and can not always know what is important. This mechanism is easy
and expandable.

For example in my current work on SwordWeb I want this for all Farsi
Bibles, but also for Armenian, Arabic, Greek and Hebrew original texts,
English ESV etc.

Within a fully internationalised application it simply looks stupid to
have suddenly for crucial content something English sticking out.

How and when frontends will make use of this is a separate matter, but
right now I think we should  simply agree on this convention and then
work on having some mechanism that config files can be rapidly updated
as and when new Abouts_lang come about.


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