[sword-devel] beta module bug reporting

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Sat Nov 8 08:08:42 MST 2008

Looking around the rest of the beta modules' status page, I have 2

1. All of MacSword, BibleDesktop, and GnomeSword are given this demerit:

| Does not handle WoC when milestoned quotes are used: <q marker=""
| who="Jesus" sID="x"/>Words of Christ<q marker="" who="Jesus" eID="x"/>

I suggest that if 3 of the major UIs are getting something wrong, it's
because what those UIs are getting back from the engine is not helpful.
(That is, not necessarily wrong in a technical sense, but certainly not
useful to the UI above which wants to do something productive with it.)
The consistency of the problem is indicative of structural difficulty,
not coding incompetency or failure.

2. For ChiUns and ChiUn, there is the complaint:

| problem in GS

Um, sure.

That is literally as content-free as is linguistically possible.

I don't recall any specific discussion about ChiUns/ChiUn failures, and
I have no bug report in our SourceForge tracker about it.  I feel no
obligation to peruse this wiki page with any regularity.  If someone has
a problem with how GnomeSword does something, the only real way to
address it is either by filing a proper bug report or at least by
discussing it in the GnomeSword-specific mailing lists, which have low
traffic and are watched closely.  Semantically empty "problems" never
usefully raised will never be addressed -- it's just the blank
practicality of the matter.


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