[sword-devel] FreJND complaint re: GnomeSword in the what's-in-beta page

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Sat Nov 8 07:06:23 MST 2008

As seen in

| in GS occ UTF8 problem - Mal 1:9 and Matt1:20 create
| odd characters (star in front of SEIGNEUR or DIEU
| (skc> this is intentional))

I just reproduced this bug to see what the problem is.  It is not a
GnomeSword error; the HTML returned from the engine is wrong.  In the
Mal 1:9 example, we have this OSIS content:

| Et maintenant, implorez donc <divineName>~Dieu</divineName>, afin...

The pseudo-asterisk preceding "Dieu" is a 3-byte character.  This is
what's returned from the engine:
-------------- next part --------------

| Et maintenant, implorez donc ?<font size="-1">??DIEU</font>, afin...

My editor is displaying 3 "broken font" boxes, one before the "<font"
and 2 before "DIEU".  If it doesn't display that way for you, then
consider it this way, with X for the boxes:

| Et maintenant, implorez donc X<font size="-1">XXDIEU</font>, afin...

The engine has an off-by-one error in misplacement of the font spec.
Not a GnomeSword problem, and not a module problem, either.

An educated guess says that this revolves yet again around the problem
of upcasing UTF8.

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