[sword-devel] latest utils for Win32 (1.5.11 final)

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Tue May 20 17:00:10 MST 2008

The utilities are updated once again, this time to 1.5.11 final: 

There are individual zips for each utility as well as an
allutilities.zip with everything in a big bundle. They need icudt38.dll.

Separately, but in the same location, I've updated uconv (which requires 
a larger icudt38.dll and couple other dlls, all included in uconv.zip). 
If you get uconv.zip, you don't need icudt38.zip or icudt38-big.zip, 
both of which are available separately. The larger icudt38.dll includes 
all of the ICU data (coverters, locales, etc.) that we exclude from our 
standard icudt38.dll distribution.

Also, I've mirrored the Win32 binary of xmllint to our utilities 
directory, which is nice for XML validation (OSIS or TEI).

The Win32 importers should now correctly do NFC normalization.


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