[sword-devel] 1.5.11 BibleCS and ISO - Losungen

Adrian Korten adrian_korten at sil.org
Mon May 19 20:58:44 MST 2008


The Losungen are no longer available except directly from the Moravian 
church. I think that there is a German version program and data but not 
English. There was a 2007 version but in 2008, they decided to restrict 

I think that the Losungen are worthwhile. I receive a daily email with 
the current verses. However, I'm not really interested in prior year 
versions. That is probably typical of most users but some people might 
be okay with an old set for their daily encouragement.


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> Peter von Kaehne wrote:
>> Ok two issues -
>> 1) with some shock I have realised that the FarsiOPV conf file has not
>> been corrected but still proclaims that the module somehow owes to IBS -
>> it is UBS. I had submitted a few moons ago a corrected conf file but
>> this appears not to have been applied. Please if someone with rights and
>> ability to correct this could give me an email and I will post an
>> updated config file. It is a minor but crucial change.
> Send me the updated file, and I'll replace the existing copies.
>> 2) The German Losung modules - who put them in and who wants to keep
>> them there? I really think Losungen make sense only prospectively.
>> I just hope I am not hurting anyone's sensitivities here ;-)
> Where are you seeing the Losungen? I don't see them in the ISO tree. I 
> created the Losung modules, back when they were actually current, and 
> also deleted them a while ago--so no sensitivities hurt. :)
> Is there any actual interest in them? Should we make new ones? (For 
> 2008+ that is.)
> --Chris
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