[sword-devel] Featured Page

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Tue May 13 10:16:08 MST 2008

DJ Ortley wrote:
> OK, I know this could very easily become a touchy subject, but I think 
> its one that I think would be worth throwing around, even if not every 
> actually implemented.
> I'm thinking back to the thread we had a while back discussing the 
> article that compared various bible software.  From that thread and 
> also from some other things I've seen, I wonder if it would be a good 
> idea to somehow restructure things to showcase what we consider the 
> best/most full featured front ends for Sword.  In one regard, It may 
> not be the best idea to single out peoples' work as better than 
> others, but it seems that a lot of press surrounding sword seems to 
> center on the main Windows front end, which isn't exactly considered 
> the best option by quite a number of people.  I'm not intending insult 
> to anybody here, I know a lot of work has gone into that front end in 
> the past.
> I wonder if it would be good to introduce people to the most polished 
> products first, and then create an easy to get to place that showcases 
> everything that's been done with the api.  I'm mainly thinking about 
> www.crosswire.org <http://www.crosswire.org>.  Maybe a list of most 
> popular front ends, then have a side bar that exposes the full set of 
> options for any given environment (Linux, Windows, PalmOS, etc..)
> Thoughts?
Chris has already stated that he intends to prune the home page.

It is relatively easy to detect the user's operating system. Perhaps 
that could be used to offer appropriate first choices. And a link to a 
page with all major, actively developed products.

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