[sword-devel] Ubuntu bundling modules

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Sun May 11 01:19:06 MST 2008

Ubuntu has packaged a large number of our modules and made them
dependencies to Bibletime and Gnomesword.

If someone installes Gnomesword or BT automatic the first Bible module
alphabetically satisfying the dependency will be installed to by root
and is subsequently not uninstallable via the module manager - unless
one goes to contortions like running BT/GS as root or installing anotehr
Ubuntu Bible module which satsifies the dependency and only then
uninstalling the first one.

This was brought up just now on sword-support by a user who could not
uninstall the Arabic Bible for which he had little use.

I think we had discussed this a while ago and the discussion went
inconclusive. Some gthought is was a packaging bug, others thought it
was useful as it gave the user a fully working system.

People like that user on support convince me further that this is a bug
and we should try and get the package maintainer to fix this. IMHO
Gnomesowrd and BT should install cleanly and without any modules
pre-installed. It is for the module manager to handle the rest.

Don't both programmes pop up on first use " You have no modules
installed, shall I go and fetch some for you?" It is a long time I run
either on a new computer, so I do not know, but maybe mix something up.


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