[sword-devel] List of global options

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Mon May 5 11:42:50 MST 2008

Eeli Kaikkonen wrote:
> On Mon, 5 May 2008, Ben Morgan wrote:
>> However, I'm not sure whether these strings will be localized at all.
> A library should not have these kind of strings at all because it
> creates problems with localization.

I respectfully disagree.  If a frontend wants to localize these strings, 
they can pass them to their own localization engine, just like any other 
string.  Worse case, if the string hasn't been localized, then at least 
the english option will be available.  Some frontends may not even want 
to display "Strong's Numbers", like a mobile app, and they should 
display what they want.  Don't think of them as English text, if it 
bothers you; think of them as constant key values.  In the future, we 
hope to let modules provide their own custom filters, which will allow a 
much more dynamic list of options than already exists.  I do understand 
that these strings are not localized, and we do localize other strings 
in the engine.  It's a tradeoff, but currently I believe we're 
localizing what we should be for a Biblical textual research engine. 
Open to opinions,


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