[sword-devel] Luther commentary - strange behaviour

Luke Plant L.Plant.98 at cantab.net
Mon May 5 09:28:07 MST 2008

With the following code (written in Python for ease of testing, but 
I'm seeing the same thing in C++):
import Sword
mgr = Sword.SWMgr()
module = mgr.getModule("Luther")
vk = Sword.VerseKey.castTo(module.getKey())
vk.setText("Ephesians 1:1")

print repr(module.Error())
print repr(module.RenderText())
I expect to see:

Instead I see:

'<p>VERSE 26.  <b>Let us ...<snipped> '   [Entry for Galatians 5:26, 
which isn't even the last entry in the module]

Any ideas what could be causing this?  It doesn't happen with some 
other modules I've tested.



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