[sword-devel] TEI Dictionaries was Re: Bible Software Review

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Thu May 1 13:04:20 MST 2008

Chris Little wrote:
> DM Smith wrote:
>> As to entering an LD key, it is there, but it is really hidden. It is 
>> built into Java. (May be it is the more recent versions of Java that has 
>> it.) Just click on the list of keys and start typing. It's not perfect 
>> (i.e. the list doesn't scroll), but it seems to work.
>> I do intend to add a small unlabeled text box under the list of keys 
>> that will allow one to search the keys. What I hope to do, it have it 
>> prune the list as you type. This should be fast. Maybe I can get it into 
>> this release.
> This sounds great. I'm guessing the current system, where you can type 
> in the listbox wouldn't permit pasting a word, so any kind of visible 
> textbox would be an improvement.
> I've got 5 new TEI P5 dictionaries in progress, some small, some large, 
> and one that has about 700000 entries (over 200mb uncompressed BEFORE 
> the addition of markup).

Wow! I'm looking forward to those!

The TEI filter does not do much styling. May I suggest that you add 
styling for the elements I've used for the NASB lexicons.

Here are the ones that I use with the styling that I am using in 
orth bold
pron italic
etym haven't decided
def italic
usg plain

Also TEI used rend and not type for the hi element.

Some of these may already be handled.

For Strong's references, I am using <ref target="id">key text</ref>.
For BDB references, I am using <xref doc="bdb" to="id (target)">text</xref>
(I don't expect either of these to be handled except to have their text 
shown, which is what SWORD does!)

Also, can you see a way that we can combine the Greek and Hebrew 
lexicons into 1?

I also noticed the schema for TEI dictionaries on the wiki has osisID 
and osisRef. I didn't study the schema, but at a glance I didn't see 
where or how these are used. Would you shed some light?


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