[sword-devel] Bible Software Review

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Thu May 1 10:52:00 MST 2008

Chris Little wrote:
> DM Smith wrote:
>> I'm not aware of any others. I am aware of these because people ask  
>> about them or because I want them.
> Correct me if I'm wrong, doesn't BD still have no way to enter an LD key 
> manually? For me, personally, that makes BD incompatible with my workflow.
My personal opinion of BD's implementation of LD is that it is wanting. 
In the latest stable release, the performance was so bad that it was 
unbearable to use large dictionaries. Because it was so slow, I didn't 
put any effort into making it nicer. Now I have addressed the 
performance issue and it will be in the next release.

As to entering an LD key, it is there, but it is really hidden. It is 
built into Java. (May be it is the more recent versions of Java that has 
it.) Just click on the list of keys and start typing. It's not perfect 
(i.e. the list doesn't scroll), but it seems to work.

I do intend to add a small unlabeled text box under the list of keys 
that will allow one to search the keys. What I hope to do, it have it 
prune the list as you type. This should be fast. Maybe I can get it into 
this release.

The other thing is a way to search a dictionary for a selected word and 
have it find the most appropriate entries. That will be a later release, 
probably ELEPHANT.

> Anyway, I am happy that BD is there, and excited to see it continue to progress.
Thank you :)

In Him,

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