[sword-devel] Announcing FireBible 0.5.1 - GPLed Firefox font-end

Matthew Walworth matthew.walworth at gmail.com
Mon Mar 31 11:17:09 MST 2008

I got this to work pretty easily on my old 12" PowerBook which is  
running 10.4.11 with Firefox I installed BibleDesktop both  
to check it out and to get the jsword files onto my machine. The only  
minor problem I had was selecting the folder where jsword lives. The  
standard file dialog by default won't browse into application  
bundles. I browsed to the java folder in the Finder and then dragged  
the java folder onto the file dialog that FireBible opened.

I haven't played with it too much yet, but I haven't seen any bad  
behavior so for.


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