[sword-devel] imp problem

martin martin.viglas at gmail.com
Mon Mar 31 06:41:21 MST 2008

Yes I did. At first I have made the txt file with the whole bible, than 
I have renamed it to bible.imp and then I have started command line, got 
to the rigth folder(with imp2vs.exe, bible.imp and other .dll which are 
needed)and run: imp2vs bible; then it wrote Mode 1, and just freeze or 
whatever, it was doing nothing for few minutes(at first I was waiting 
for an hour, but than someone told me it should run in few minutes) so, 
have you any idea now? I am using windows xp.

Karl Kleinpaste  wrote / napísal(a):
> martin <martin.viglas at gmail.com> writes:
>> because the only thing imp2vs file makes with my file is creating those 
>> 4 files, but two of them are empty at all, and those vss have something, 
>> but I do not know what.
> If the text files are empty, *.vss have empty/useless indices to
> nothingness.  *.vss are always the exact same size.
> The intervening blank lines shouldn't be any problem.
> I can guess only that your invocation of imp2vs is wrong, which is
> unlikely, considering how simple imp2vs is.  But did you give it the
> right filename?
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