[sword-devel] Slightly Off-topic: Bible verse memorisation project

Jonathan Morgan jonmmorgan at gmail.com
Fri Mar 28 05:14:48 MST 2008

On Thu, Mar 27, 2008 at 9:36 PM, Luke Plant <L.Plant.98 at cantab.net> wrote:
>  In the course of getting serious about learning Bible verses and
>  passages, I decided I needed a method of choosing Bible verses and
>  putting together schemes, and that other people could benefit from
>  this.  I couldn't find much that was freely available and met all my
>  needs, so I've written a project to help me do this, and published
>  the (unfinished) results here:
>   http://lukeplant.me.uk/bibleverses/index.html
>  Basic outline:
>   - Use a set of YAML documents to define:
>     - verses with categories and comments
>     - topics
>     - schemes
>   - Pull all these together using Python scripts
>   - Use Sword, via Python bindings, to grab the actual Bible verse
>    where it hasn't been included in the YAML
>   - Output web pages

Some months ago, I proposed a scheme for passage lists which probably
has a lot of similarities to this.  Though it was not specialised for
memorisation, it included support for hierarchical topics containing
passages, and was supposed to be displayed in the Bible application as
tags.  I naively guessed that I could do it in the Christmas - New
Year break (it is a classic SE story of under-estimating the effort
required, over-estimating the resources available, and then allowing
feature creep to drown a project).  I am still working on it, but
couldn't give you any finish time or information about whether it
would be useful to you (especially since you already have working
software).  I am implementing it in Python as part of the BPBible


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