[sword-devel] CDEarth GPL violation

Steve Dibb beandog at gentoo.org
Thu Mar 27 07:12:07 MST 2008

Chris Little wrote:

>> Or, you could ask them to correct the errors, and continue letting them 
>> do the legwork of marketing and getting Sword out to more people.  I'd 
>> also recommend giving them a hand and getting them most recent versions 
>> to distribute, they would probably appreciate a hand.
> We're not in the habit of assisting people to defraud our users. These 
> people are deliberately trying to hide the source of the works they 
> distribute, committing a number of acts of fraud in the process, 
> scamming people who don't know any better, spamming websites, and 
> creating huge ill-will in the process. We aren't in the habit of helping 
> others make money off of our work without having contributed anything at 
> all to our efforts. And the mere suggestion that we would align 
> ourselves with a company that is committing these kinds of illegal and 
> immoral acts is just ludicrous.

Hmm, okay, you're right, I hadn't looked at the actual business 
practices of how they were doing stuff, which now obviously explains a 
lot of your perspective.  I was just chiming in on the GPL side of the 
matter, and hoping to maybe resolve the thing amicably.


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