[sword-devel] CDEarth GPL violation

Steve Dibb beandog at gentoo.org
Wed Mar 26 17:55:54 MST 2008

Steve Dibb wrote:
> peter wrote:
>>> 4) The little slip of paper that comes with it, like the website, makes 
>>> mention that "[t]hrough our special licensing arrangement and because we 
>>> publish our software directly to you, each trial CD is only USD$14.99 
>>> (which as you know is up to 80% off the store price for similar 
>>> products)." I suspect this is itself in violation of the GPL. I don't 
>>> believe there is any recourse for revocation of a license from end-users 
>>> like the term "trial" implies. I also don't know that the whole 
>>> try-for-25-days-then-we-bill-you concept is quite kosher with the GPL. 
>>> It might require some pretty close reading of the license.
> There's nothing wrong with selling GPL'd software, for any amount of money.

I should have disclaimed that I'm an expert on licensing, or the GPL at 
all, but I'm definitely sure of that first point. :)


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