[sword-devel] CDEarth GPL violation

Steve Dibb beandog at gentoo.org
Wed Mar 26 17:50:36 MST 2008

peter wrote:

>> 4) The little slip of paper that comes with it, like the website, makes 
>> mention that "[t]hrough our special licensing arrangement and because we 
>> publish our software directly to you, each trial CD is only USD$14.99 
>> (which as you know is up to 80% off the store price for similar 
>> products)." I suspect this is itself in violation of the GPL. I don't 
>> believe there is any recourse for revocation of a license from end-users 
>> like the term "trial" implies. I also don't know that the whole 
>> try-for-25-days-then-we-bill-you concept is quite kosher with the GPL. 
>> It might require some pretty close reading of the license.

There's nothing wrong with selling GPL'd software, for any amount of money.


>> But most importantly:
>> 5) There's no source code, nor an offer for source code, for The SWORD 
>> Project for Windows or MacSword.

It doesn't have to be distributed with the binaries, just available upon 

What they do need to do is let the person know that 1) It's licensed 
under the GPL and 2) how to get the source code.


So, we're actually and legitimately in
>> a position where we can demand removal, DMCA takedown by the ISP, all 
>> that good stuff.

Or, you could ask them to correct the errors, and continue letting them 
do the legwork of marketing and getting Sword out to more people.  I'd 
also recommend giving them a hand and getting them most recent versions 
to distribute, they would probably appreciate a hand.


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