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Nathan Youngman junkmail at nathany.com
Thu Mar 20 10:33:15 MST 2008

On 20-Mar-08, at 10:13 AM, Manfred Bergmann wrote:
> I remember there were some locale problems. I think it is in the
> SwordManager initialization code.
> I didn't had the time and look deeply into it. But yes, there is also
> a problem for German localization. Some Umlauts in the Booknames are
> not working correctly (i.e. Könige).
> Maybe it is the time to look into it finally.

perhaps :-)

> Yes it makes sense then. But I don't quite understand why there is no
> GC.
> Java works pretty good in mobile environments with GC.

You have me there! Who knows, perhaps in iPhone OS 3.0...

> I still have an old iBook here running Tiger where I could test on.
> Select membership, hmm. I'm select member and if you want I can have a
> look if it is downloadable somewhere but I think it isn't.
> I might have Panther around somewhere on CD but not installed.

You don't get DVDs shipped? That would be good to know, otherwise I'm  
not entirely sure what makes ADC Select worthwhile over my free  

- nathan.

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