[sword-devel] Future MacSword

Manfred Bergmann bergmannmd at web.de
Thu Mar 20 10:13:18 MST 2008

Am 20.03.2008 um 17:57 schrieb Nathan Youngman:

> On 20-Mar-08, at 1:21 AM, Manfred Bergmann wrote:
>> The  problems are probably due to many changes in the trunk lately.
>> But Hebrew??? That's strange.
> Strange indeed... my Mac's second language is Hebrew, but it should be
> using English, especially since Hebrew isn't my second language :-).
> I may have to try the 1.3.1 tag to narrow it down.

I remember there were some locale problems. I think it is in the  
SwordManager initialization code.
I didn't had the time and look deeply into it. But yes, there is also  
a problem for German localization. Some Umlauts in the Booknames are  
not working correctly (i.e. Könige).
Maybe it is the time to look into it finally.

>> Yes, the backend used in Eloquent which I would use for MacSword 2 is
>> using the GC because I didn't know that iPhone has no GC.
>> But that's ok, I will put in the deallocation again. As long as we  
>> can
>> use the Fast Enumerations and Properties it's fine.
> I wasn't too surprised that iPhone didn't have GC, considering it only
> has 128 MB of memory.
> Suddenly the "Supported" vs "Required" for GC makes a lot more sense.

Yes it makes sense then. But I don't quite understand why there is no  
Java works pretty good in mobile environments with GC.

> The other 2.0 features are there afaik, one other thing not supported:
> "iPhone OS supports the Objective-C runtime introduced in Mac OS X
> v10.5 except for access to Objective-C class metadata. This means
> that, if your application accesses Objective-C class metadata, it may
> not run on the simulator."
> (I have no idea what that means! :-)

Me neither.

>> Yes, three versions.
>> The current version 1.3.1 also supports Leopard, btw.
>> I was thinking the next version should be 1.4 (the last before 2.0).
>> It will have dropped Panther support and the module installer will be
>> put in.
>> Also I would like to use Sparkle (http://sparkle.andymatuschak.org/)
>> for update checking. It is really nice. Also some cleanups here and
>> there. Which I already have done mostly. That's probably why it is  
>> not
>> working correctly ATM. ;)
> So 1.4 will still support Tiger... I like how the version #'s roughly
> equate to OS X versions.
> (1.2.x for 10.2, 1.3.x for 10.3+, 1.4.x for 10.4+)
> How do you test Panther and Tiger support? I was thinking of joining
> ADC Select, but it's not entirely obvious if it comes with old copies
> of Tiger/Panther.

I still have an old iBook here running Tiger where I could test on.
Select membership, hmm. I'm select member and if you want I can have a  
look if it is downloadable somewhere but I think it isn't.
I might have Panther around somewhere on CD but not installed.


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