[sword-devel] Piracy

peter refdoc at gmx.net
Thu Mar 20 01:18:24 MST 2008

I just got an email from them (CDearth) claiming that they distribute
the source on the CD.

Could Sharon confirm that?



Hi Peter,

Thanks for your question. The source code is included on each of the CDs.
So if you plan to order them, you'll find it under the 'Source' directory.

I hope that helps. Enjoy the software!


CD Earth Customer Service
help at cdearth.com

Barry Drake wrote:
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> Date: 	Wed, 19 Mar 2008 22:02:32 -0400
> From: 	k ..........@
> To: 	b.drake@ ........
> *Hi Mr. Drake!
> Thanks for all the info!
> My husband and I did some more checking.
> They aren't even a legitimate company!
> They aren't registered with YellowBook.com.
> ALL of thier programs are free programs from other websites such as:
> GCompris.net (Fun With Learning) and Scribus.net (CD Earth Office Suite).
> Seems like they are copying free programs off of legit sites and 
> re-marketing
> them with thier own label.
> I do have an address: C D Earth
>                           P.O. Box 2949
>                           Wylie, TX 75098
> If you would like, I can send you the CD's they sent me and the 
> packaging invoice.
> Please let me know if you need them. Otherwise, I will be sending them 
> back to CD Earth
> with a very TERSE letter!
> Keep me updated PLEASE!
> Thanks,
> Sharon
> *
> Barry
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