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*Hi Mr. Drake!
Thanks for all the info!
My husband and I did some more checking.
They aren't even a legitimate company!
They aren't registered with YellowBook.com.
ALL of thier programs are free programs from other websites such as:
GCompris.net (Fun With Learning) and Scribus.net (CD Earth Office Suite).
Seems like they are copying free programs off of legit sites and 
them with thier own label.
I do have an address: C D Earth
                          P.O. Box 2949
                          Wylie, TX 75098

If you would like, I can send you the CD's they sent me and the 
packaging invoice.
Please let me know if you need them. Otherwise, I will be sending them 
back to CD Earth
with a very TERSE letter!
Keep me updated PLEASE!



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