[sword-devel] Piracy ........

Daniel Glassey dglassey at gmail.com
Wed Mar 19 09:33:19 MST 2008

On 19/03/2008, Barry Drake <bdrake at crosswire.org> wrote:
> Hi there .......
>  I've just responded to a Sword Support message about an outfit called CD
>  Earth wanting to charge $15 for Sword Software.  The site referred to is
>  at: http://www.cdearth.com/bible-software.htm

Hmm, indeed looks dodgy. Just remember we can't complain about them
charging money for it as long as they are distributiing it under the
terms of the GPL with sources. We can ask nicely for attribution and
stuff though but not demand it.

However, I can't tell if they have made any effort to make sure that
they aren't selling modules that are 'distribute from crosswire only'.
That would be a bigger problem.

>  Do we have a standard e-mail to send out to folk like this?  The contact
>  e-mail is given as: info at cdearth.com

No idea, hopefully Chris or someone else will pop up :) (and I'm sure
someone will disagree with me about people selling GPLd software but
the GPL does allow you to do that).


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