[sword-devel] Building a module, would like multiple lemmas

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Wed Mar 19 02:21:04 MST 2008

We have the MorphGNT available in our Beta section: 
I don't know how up-to-date it is, but I don't believe it will ever be 
released because I think it pre-dates the decisions we made that 
resulted in the Wiki entry you mention. It may or may not work according 
to expectations in any current or future frontend, but it's more likely 
to display correctly in the Windows frontend than the Linux ones.

The most recent conversion script for the MorphGNT tags the lemmas using 
<w lemma="lemma.Strong:....">. I believe the lemmas conform to the form 
in Strong's lexicon, as opposed to ANLEX, Liddel-Scott, or any other 
reference. With lemmas turned on, you should see anything tagged lemma.* 
displayed. If it isn't, it's probably because the display filters used 
by the Linux frontends are a little out of date.


Tom Cornell wrote:
> I'm building a module, as a sort of spin-off from a Greek class I'm 
> taking at church, to begin to get more familiar with this great resource 
> that is the Sword library. I would like to be able to sometimes display 
> a lemma in addition to the Strongs dictionary entry.
> I'm generating OSIS XML (using the CCAT-Tauber database from 
> MorphGNT.org as a source, and also their XML Strong's).  Is there any 
> way to just plug the actual Greek form directly in the OSIS <w> tag, and 
> have it display in, say, BibleTime? I've tried variations on <w 
> lemma="lemma.greek:/insert-greek-here/ strong:... robinson:..."> but all 
> that shows up is the usual Strong's entry and Robinson morphological 
> code. I have read the OSIS_Bibles#Marking_with_Other_Lemma section in 
> the wiki. From the wiki it looks like I would have to create a formal 
> lexicon module, and refer to entries by number. Is this true? Or is 
> there a more direct way? (It's just the lemma itself I want to display, 
> not a full-scale dictionary entry.)
> I would be grateful for any pointers.
> Tom Cornell
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