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Maurits Obbink list at obbink.org
Tue Mar 18 08:52:23 MST 2008

Jónatas Ferreira wrote:
> Hi,
> I see that there are a lot of handheld frontends for sword, however I  
> can't find any for the Symbian OS. Is there a strong reason why?  
> Could it be done?
> I'm not a programmer, just happen to have a Nokia E-61 and I'd love  
> to have sword there.
> Yours,
> Jónatas Ferreira


Although not Sword there is a GPL biblereader available for the S60/S80 
and beta S90 Series at:

If using windows you can easily convert a Sword/Crosswire bible to 
palm/S60 same format. And many bibles are available. (see the page 
linked there)

Kind regards,

Maurits Obbink.

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