[sword-devel] crossreference filter

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Sat Mar 15 13:18:06 MST 2008


SWMgr library;

library.setGlobalOption("Cross-references", "Off");

Then any modules retrieved from this SWMgr will have their 
cross-references turned off.

For a complete list of options which can be change for your given 
install set of modules, you can do something like:

StringList options = library.getGlobalOptions();
for (StringList::iterator i = options.begin(); i != options.end(); i++) {
	cout << *i << "\n";
	StringList values = library.getGLobalOptionValues();
	for (StringList::iterator j = values.begin(); j != values.end(); j++) {
		cout << "\t" << *j << "\n";

Hope this helps.


John Schultz wrote:
> I am doing some initial work with Mac OSX to get a basic Sword based  
> program going to have a starting point to try doing a iPhone  
> implementation.
> I am getting the ESV text with imbedded crossreferences. It appears  
> that there is a filter option to remove them, but I am stuck on trying  
> to figure this out from the .h files. It looks like a call to  
> SWMgr::filterText might work, but I am not sure of the parameter  
> requirements.
> John Schultz
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