[sword-devel] crossreference filter

Manfred Bergmann bergmannmd at yahoo.de
Sat Mar 15 05:48:31 MST 2008

You could have a look at the MacSword sources which contain an  
Objective-C  wrapper to the Sword library.

Somehow I'm thinking that there seem to be many people trying to get  
something going on iPhone.
Maybe the effords should be coordinated.


Am 15.03.2008 um 03:03 schrieb John Schultz:

> I am doing some initial work with Mac OSX to get a basic Sword based
> program going to have a starting point to try doing a iPhone
> implementation.
> I am getting the ESV text with imbedded crossreferences. It appears
> that there is a filter option to remove them, but I am stuck on trying
> to figure this out from the .h files. It looks like a call to
> SWMgr::filterText might work, but I am not sure of the parameter
> requirements.
> John Schultz
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