[sword-devel] Error reading ulBuffNum

Kaspars Bankovskis k.bankovskis at gmail.com
Thu Mar 6 13:32:47 MST 2008

Hello sword developers,
I have a little problem to which I can't find an answer - I searched in 
list archive and in google but didn't find out what's wrong.
So - today I prepared osis xml file of OT part of Latvian Bible 
(currently there is only NT available at crosswire). XML validates and 
seems good. Now I want to generate the module. Everything is fine when I 
generate uncompressed module:

$ osis2mod outputdir lv1965.xml
You are running osis2mod: $Rev: 2090 $

But if I try to generate compressed module, error appears:

$osis2mod outputdir lv1965.xml -z
You are running osis2mod: $Rev: 2090 $
Error reading ulBuffNum

It happens both, on Windows (sword 1.5.9) and Linux (sword 1.5.10).

In both cases, with and without -z argument, module is generated in 
outputdir and basically works (i am using JSword on Linux and Windows). 
But can I be sure that everything is OK, if such error appears?
I found out that the error happens at the last verse of the OT (which is 
last verse at this osis source). It's Mal.4.6. If I delete it, module 
generates without that error message.
Also, when I put this message into google to search 
(http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=Error+reading+ulBuffNum), it shows 
7 results of which 4 is related to Mal.4.6 (Czech translation, published 
at web, which hangs on Mal.4 and outputs this message).

Do you know why it is like that?

Kaspars Bankovskis
+371 26365619

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