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Wed Jun 25 08:34:57 MST 2008

Just waking up an old thread to see if there is still some interest in creating a hindi sword module. 
I am a native speaker and also studied it formally for many years. I would be interested to work on it. Would anyone from crosswire be willing to contact World Bible TranslationCenter and ask them for permission? Thanks,
> Thought I would say hellow from India.> We haave been here for about 2.5 weeks. > Many have been saved. And we have seen hundreds of healings. > We have seen the deaf, dumb and the blind healed. Jesus is > the same yesterday and today.> > We don't have a Hindi or Telegu version of the Bible for Sword do we?Sounds like you're having a good time and witnessing some awesome stuffover there. :)We don't yet have Hindi or Telugu, but the World Bible TranslationCenter's website does offer both for download as PDFs.  We will beoffering our services to these folks once the new website is complete.Also of possible interest is another Hindi Bible translation athttp://www.hindibible.org/.  Unfortunately I doubt I'll ever becompetent enough with Devanagari to make a Sword module out of thissite's content.--Chris
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