[sword-devel] Beta module TurNTB, modern Turkish NT?

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Wed Jun 18 05:46:34 MST 2008

It is the renaming of Turkish2 which came into Beta a year or so ago.

But the story as it goes:

We had for a while an inappropriately PD described Turkish module which
also had a number of character encoding problems - similar to the . When
I dug into the history of it I tracked it back to a Finnish site who
probably had permission, but it certainly had no PD status. At that time
Chris took it off the site.

A couple of months or so later someone (Chris?, Troy?) got a new text
which again was supposedly PD and - we presumed at the time- was the old
translation which clearly should be PD by now.

I then also approached the Translation Trust who initially did not come
back to me at all and when they did, their email went into my spam
filter, where it quietly collected dust (6+ months). I was very emberassed.

In Summer 2007 I met with Yeni Yasar Yalinlari's director, the other
copyright holder and the Turkish publisher, who a) advised me that the
text we had was in fact their text, b) probably an old version of it
(but had no time to analyse it) and c) very kindly agreed to us to
distribute via Crosswire.

I understand that the two parts of the Bible are owned by separate
entitities  - Translation Trust and YYYY, but both have authority to
grant distribution rights as they see fit.

It is extremely hard to get a Bible in Turkey. I went to numerous
bookshops just to try out and found that none stocked it and nearly all
reacted angrily when I asked. I guess postal/internet order or via
churches is the only way.

Summary - we do have permission, but we have a duff text, particularly
as DM's analysis showed there are multiple faults in it.

I think I can say we would be delighted to get more up to date, correct
and original texts.


David Haslam wrote:
> 1. What is the revision date of the source text used for the beta module
> TurNTB ?
> 2. Is this the modern Turkish NT from  http://www.translation-trust.org/ The
> Translation Trust  ?
> 3. What is the status of the licensing?
> 4. Which SWORD Dev volunteer did the license negotiations?
> Reason for asking:  I have email contact with [some of] the Trustees.  
> I may be able to help to ensure we use their most recently revised text. I
> have a copy of their RTF files dated 2005-09-05, which were kindly provided
> for use towards making a Go Bible application (with their permission). If
> the TurNTB module is based on something earlier, then there are probably
> some minor changes that should be incorporated.
> -- David

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