[sword-devel] Luther1545

Manfred Bergmann bergmannmd at web.de
Tue Jun 17 12:56:13 MST 2008

Am 17.06.2008 um 20:37 schrieb Peter von Kaehne:

> Apart from the versification issues:
> There are several instances of poor encoding with verses + verse  
> numbers
> swallowed in verses above. Is this from Zefania? - looks similar to  
> the
> problems in GerReinhardt.
> There are also differences (at least one big one) to www.lutherbibel.net
> teh supposed source - Isaia 63/64 - see wiki
> finally Mdbergmann has added an entry
> "Many spelling and texts problems."
> Is this so? I am not sure - Luther's spelling was odd, u/v and i/j is
> interchangable

Well, if this text is supposed to be so then I guess no one can read  
it any more nowadays.
Why does the GerLut1545 and GerLut1545lh differ that much in spelling?

An example:
GerLut1545lh: "VND Gott sprach / Es lasse die Erde auffgehen Gras vnd  
Kraut / das sich besame / vnd fruchtbare Bewme / da ein jglicher nach  
seiner art Frucht trage / vnd habe seinen eigen Samen bey jm selbs /  
auff Erden / Vnd es geschach also."

GerLut1545: "Und Gott sprach: Es lasse die Erde aufgehen Gras und  
Kraut, das sich besame, und fruchtbare Bäume, da ein jeglicher nach  
seiner Art Frucht trage und habe seinen eigenen Samen bei ihm selbst  
auf Erden. Und es geschah also."

Was "Bemwe" really "Bäume"? If this is the orinigal spelling of 1545  
then ok. Maybe it is correct but are the "/" instead of "." and ","  


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