[sword-devel] Luther1545

Joachim Ansorg nospam+sword-devel at joachim-ansorg.de
Tue Jun 17 12:54:19 MST 2008


I did the GerLut1545lh some time ago. Too long ago, so I don't remember any 
I looked at my script and it converted from the Zefania module. I have the 
original text files available, too. Atm they're not used, though.

> There are also differences (at least one big one) to www.lutherbibel.net
> teh supposed source - Isaia 63/64 - see wiki

I had a look. The plain text data is correct, the Zefania file has the mixed 
up verses. At least the version I used at the time I did the module.

> "Many spelling and texts problems."
> Is this so? I am not sure - Luther's spelling was odd, u/v and i/j is
> interchangable

The people from Lutherbibel.net claim it's the original spelling. The original 
file I've got from them have strange spelling as well. So I think it's ok.

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