[sword-devel] "About" text in ChiNCV[st]

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Sun Jun 15 09:05:32 MST 2008

I attach an updated and zipped chincvs.conf

I converted this by hand with a pocket calculator, so I can just hope
there are no mistakes.

There are a couple of characters which I can for my life not get to
display in Gnomesword, but checking them in unicode tables make it clear
they are Chinese (U+8055 e.g.) I have installed every single font under
the sun. Not sure what to make from this. I do not think this is my
encoding mistake, but simply a lack of appropriate font.

I also left the module version in place as I did not want to force a
total module update for this, but maybe you have a different opinion.

Maybe someone can put this into the right place on the server?

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