[sword-devel] Download statistics from server

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Sat Jun 14 14:26:33 MST 2008

As part of the agreement I have made with the copyright holders of the
Iranian Bibles - 2 still only in my own download area and on Karl's
server as prelim modules  - I need to report from time to time back to
them how many have been downloaded.

I am doing this right now by running a grep and a wc on the apache and
the FTP logs. This is fine, but for one problem: the ftp logs get turned
over every few months or so and old ones get deleted. This is not
relevant yet to my requirements as none of the modules I really need to
report on are yet in the public repositories, but it will become so. I
can overcome this by doing my own statistics more frequently.

I am sure though that the more copyrighted modules we acquire the more
reporting requirements we will get and the more importrant it will
become that we are on top of such things.

I am also sure that there must be some webtools who deal with exactly
this - individual file download statistcis - similar, but more extensive
 to the current /usage pages. If installed we could simply point any
copyright holders to those pages and be done with it.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


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