[sword-devel] new module releases

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Tue Jun 10 23:08:04 MST 2008

Unfortunately the sword module RSS feeds appear not to be working, so 
I'll identify some new releases from the last few days here.

Brian's latest update to the Book of Concord is up in beta.

There are 4 new Japanese Bibles in testing. They include ruby annotation 
in the gloss attribute of Chinese characters. However, as I haven't yet 
written an OSISRuby filter, there's no way to turn the ruby annotation 
off (and it will require using SVN builds until 1.5.12).

SpaVNT was updated and pushed out to the public repository.

SpaTDP (Traducción de dominio público), based on the text Peter linked 
to yesterday (but the most current version from their CVS repository on 
SourceForge) is in beta. It looks like a neat project, and the latest 
XML versions are complete with translation notes and Strong's numbers in 
part of the text based on our own KJV2003. :) Mateo a Romanos...

If you have submitted material that isn't yet posted, be patient, I'm 
still working through the backlog while putting out other more immediate 

The SFM to OSIS guide is in the Wiki, so let me know if anything is 
unclear and whether it's still too unclear/difficult to convert SFM to 
nice clean(ish) OSIS.


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