[sword-devel] new Webster1913 test module

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Thu Jun 5 03:10:44 MST 2008

New in beta is a complete re-do of the WebstersDict module, now called 
Webster1913. This is mostly intended for developers and module makers. 
Nothing is necessarily final. I'm open to suggestions about anything.

The module uses TEI, so expect no decoration or extremely poor/incorrect 
decoration until 1.5.12-based betas start showing up. In addition, there 
were supposed to be linked entries from alternate spellings, 
collocations, and sub-entries to the main entry. So if you look up an 
alternate spelling, it forwards you to the entry for the 
standard/primary spelling. This doesn't appear to work with zLD modules, 
so I removed the linked entries.

Additionally, for those of you wishing to see the TEI document from 
which the module came, I've posted that at 


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