[sword-devel] introducing Sword live support...

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Wed Jun 4 23:11:35 MST 2008

The positive result of the weekend's #sword sockpuppetry was that I 
looked into a number of web-based IRC clients and found one that I think 
might be usable for live support. The hope is that people who need 
support (either end users or developers) but who don't necessarily want 
to go through the trouble of installing an IRC client can just click a 
link be transported to #sword.

A couple of you have already tried the link I stuck in the Wiki, but I 
wanted to share it with a bit wider audience now so that we can continue 
to investigate the possibility of offering support via IRC like this.

We will have plenty of caveats to make users aware that they need to be 
patient since we are volunteers who are not always necessarily paying 
any attention to IRC. And even when people are present in IRC, they may 
not be people capable of helping with your particular problem.

The link at the moment is:

Is this a good idea? A bad idea? (in general)
Is the web IRC client itself good enough?
(I'm happier with a non-crosswire.org client because it's one less thing 
to maintain and one less potential security risk.)


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