[sword-devel] BPBible 0.3

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Wed Jun 4 20:10:53 MST 2008

Ben Morgan wrote:
> I've just released BPBible 0.3, which adds many more features.
> It also has a new website, with forums and screenshots at http://bpbible.com

Congrats on a new release. It looks nice.

> BPBible also uses a new locale, which gives nicer references than the 
> traditional ones
> I Samuel -> 1 Samuel
> II Samuel -> 2 Samuel
> ...
> III John -> 3 John
> Revelation of John -> Revelation

I think this is the right way to go. We should probably make this the 
Sword default and get rid of the antiquated and overlong ones.

> It now interprets Jud as Judges, instead of Jude. This means references 
> in the TSK to judges will now work properly.

I don't agree with Jud being mapped to Judges rather than Jude. The TSK 
module itself isn't pertinent here. TSK just needs to be updated to 
specify osisRefs explicitly.

> I decided not to include Sword built with ICU support in this release 
> (although BPBible does support it), as it seems much too buggy and 
> crashes far too much.

What problem(s) are you seeing, specifically?


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