[sword-devel] Some questions...

David Trotz dtrotzjr at crosswire.org
Sun Jun 1 11:19:42 MST 2008

> Well I've spent some time becoming more familiar with the community and
> the SWORD api. Reading the to-do list on the crosswire website confirmed
> my decision to commit to helping in what ways I can. The api overview
> reminded me of how weak my C++ knowledge is. I will continue to read the
> mailing list, trace the api source as best as I can, and become more
> familiar with this community.
> I do have some questions:
> - Where can I learn how to install the newest svn version of some source
> code w/o it conflicting w/ the SWORD-based programs like gnomesword I
> have installed for daily use?

When you get the svn version, create the directory 
"/home/yourhome/local/" then do a ".configure 
--prefix=/home/yourhome/local/" This will then create the make file so 
that when you do a make install your library and headers are stored in 
subdirectories of /home/yourhome/local/
Running against this library is a little more tricky, drop in #sword and 
we can chat about it.
I hope this helps.
In Christ,
David Trotz

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