[sword-devel] Sword enhancement proposal [was: HTML filter cross references link]

SonWon sonwon.1 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 30 14:50:52 MST 2008

Troy A. Griffitts wrote:
>>> What don't you like about how HTMLHREF display?  Is it the superscripted
>>> 'x'?  Could we put it in a <span class="footnote_marker"> allowing you
>>> to write a CSS rule to display or hide as you would like?
>> What I have in mind is that all additional information in the HTML is 
>> hidden. It actually could be plain text then.
>> Some information should be shown while moving the mouse over the words 
>> in the HTML view or somewhere in another floating information window.
>> That would mean making the word a link that has normal display 
>> attributes. But the data of the link might be something individual.
>> I don't kknow at the moment if this can be done by adding a marker and 
>> using CSS. Actually I didn't thought about using CSS.
 From a Windows mobile perspective it would be nice to be able to tap 
and hold the stylus on a word and get a popup menu with dictionary and 
Strong's numbers choices.  Not sure how to do that on a device without a 
touch screen?
> Have a look at SWORDWeb (click on any word in the text):
> http://crosswire.org/study/passagestudy.jsp
> This is done by hiding the looking information into 
> getEntryAttributes().  If you change lookup.cpp back to WEBIF output, 
> you can see how it is done.  It obviously doesn't have to operate with 
> onclick, but could be on a hover over action.  I think most of the other 
> frontends do the similar things while moving the mouse over words.
> I think with footnotes though, it is a little different.  The user 
> doesn't really know where a footnote is, so there should be some marker 
> in the text which lets them know that further information is available 
> here.  And obviously there should be a way to turn these things on and off.
> Is this helpful, or have I not understood what you desire to do?
> 	-Troy.


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