[sword-devel] Quotation mark, non-English usage?

David (Mailing List Address) davidslists at gmx.net
Mon Jul 28 05:56:51 MST 2008

On Sunday 27 July 2008 11:13:20 pm DM Smith wrote:
> As to italicization, that may or may not work. It depends if italics  
> are used for any other purpose. For example, the KJV, being an  
> essentially literal translation, will have "added" words marked with  
> <transChange type="added">...</transChange>. These are typically  
> italicized.

It's actually oblique, but that's a nitpick as most people won't notice the 
difference. ^_~ But yes, as I recall, I did not use anything else for italics 
in that sheet for exactly that reason. And as an interesting side note, when 
I was in the discovery phase as to what tags were added like that I coloured 
them blue to see what happened.

> Most of the SWORD front ends are based on HTML and use CSS to do  
> styling. With CSS there is the possibility of end user customization  
> of how it would appear.

That's the way BT does it. I'm basically the stylesheet guy ;-) There's lots 
of fun stuff you can do if you have a handle on CSS

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