[sword-devel] HTML filter cross references link

Manfred Bergmann bergmannmd at web.de
Sat Jul 26 03:29:43 MST 2008

Am 26.07.2008 um 00:42 schrieb Manfred Bergmann:

> That means I would like to collect all meta information for verse
> references, store them in an appropriate data structure and display
> them in this floating window while the data is synched for verses when
> the user scrolls in the bible text view.
> What would be the prefered place to collect this data. Should it be
> done in a subclass of a render filter. All information would be
> available there, right?

Alright, understood.
getRawEntry() always delivers the raw entry.
And with getEntryAttributes() there is always access to the entry  
attributes and can be parsed.

The raw entry and the attributes I guess depends on the raw material  
(OSIS, GBF, ThML, ...).


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