[sword-devel] Migrating to the eVC 4.0 Environment

Barry Drake bdrake at crosswire.org
Thu Jul 17 14:59:16 MST 2008

Hi there ........

SonWon wrote:
> The project files are different between EVC3 and EVC4 so I don't 
> understand how EVC4 developers could build with EVC3 code?  The source 
> files are not the problem the problem is with the EVC4 project files.

We already HAVE two different project files within the SwordReader 
project: one for is eVC3 and one for is for VC2005: those two project 
files do not constitute a fork.  Let's have a third project file - eVC4. 
  Save your eVC4 file in addition to what we have already.  It won't 
make a fork.  And if (as they will eventually) the eVC3 project files 
become redundant, then feel free to delete them!!!  (only do as I do, 
save them on your backup just in case anyone complains!!!!).  They will 
be here anyhow in a subversion of our svn, so why worry???

God bless,

-- From Barry Drake (The Revd) minister of the Netherfield United 
Reformed church, Nottingham see http://www.jesusinnetherfield.org.uk for 
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