[sword-devel] Migrating to the eVC 4.0 Environment

SonWon sonwon.1 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 17 14:28:24 MST 2008

Barry Drake wrote:
> Hi there ........
> SonWon wrote:
>> By not forking any new developer will not be able to 
>> debug on the actual device assuming we are allowed to distribute EVC3.  
> I still say a fork is not needed and that we can have make files up and 
> running for eVC4 just as we already have for eVC3 and VC 2005.  This 
> will not constitute a fork, as the source files will need no 
> modification, or at worse case, will simply need a conditional statement 
> writing in.  This will not constitute a fork.
> If you know that this is not going to work because of specific 
> differences in C++ syntax between eVC3 and 4, please give examples.  We 
> are working in standard C++ here, so there ought to be no problem: 
> although if MS have re-written the standard between eVC3 and eVC4 I see 
> that there could be a problem!
The project files are different between EVC3 and EVC4 so I don't 
understand how EVC4 developers could build with EVC3 code?  The source 
files are not the problem the problem is with the EVC4 project files.
> God bless,
> Barry
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