[sword-devel] Migrating to the eVC 4.0 Environment

SonWon sonwon.1 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 16 14:34:29 MST 2008

This is fun!

I am not saying we should fork but we do need to understand the 
ramifications.  By not forking any new developer will not be able to 
debug on the actual device assuming we are allowed to distribute EVC3.  
Otherwise they will not even have EVC3.  We can revisit this issue when 
the need comes up and it will.  I had my old copies on CDROM so I am 
good with EVC3.

Let the development fest begin.  O Wait we still need a feature list?  A 
goal to obtain, so we know when to stop and release.  If this document 
is not created then I could take a shot at it?

Barry Drake wrote:
> Hi David ..........
> David Trotz wrote:
>> I think forking the code is a really really bad idea. 
> I'm sticking my neck out here and saying I don't think a fork will be 
> needed.  I think the only reason for the present problems are eventually 
> going to prove to be the current svn activity.  Once the svn is stable I 
> don't think there's going to be a problem.  David, you migrated 
> SwordReader to VS 2005, and the code is still compatible with eVC3.  I 
> think the same will apply here when we really get down to it.
> My reasons: we don't yet know that there is any possibility of 
> distributing eVC3 - if we can't do it, then we are simply not offering a 
> current project which others can join.  If we do get that permission, 
> and I don't think it's very likely, then we are making it work on a 
> superseded ide, and that is not really very good.
> Having said that, I too am strongly against a fork.  I just think it is 
> not going to be needed as the only MS specific library stuff we are 
> using is the Windows Mobile SDK!!!
> God bless,
> Barry
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