[sword-devel] Migrating to the eVC 4.0 Environment

Barry Drake bdrake at crosswire.org
Wed Jul 16 07:32:22 MST 2008

Hi David ..........

David Trotz wrote:
> I think forking the code is a really really bad idea. 

I'm sticking my neck out here and saying I don't think a fork will be 
needed.  I think the only reason for the present problems are eventually 
going to prove to be the current svn activity.  Once the svn is stable I 
don't think there's going to be a problem.  David, you migrated 
SwordReader to VS 2005, and the code is still compatible with eVC3.  I 
think the same will apply here when we really get down to it.

My reasons: we don't yet know that there is any possibility of 
distributing eVC3 - if we can't do it, then we are simply not offering a 
current project which others can join.  If we do get that permission, 
and I don't think it's very likely, then we are making it work on a 
superseded ide, and that is not really very good.

Having said that, I too am strongly against a fork.  I just think it is 
not going to be needed as the only MS specific library stuff we are 
using is the Windows Mobile SDK!!!

God bless,

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