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So I am thinking about what to work on (advanced menubar, scrollbar,
etc.) and it dawns on me I don't even know what the goals are for the
release.  My time would likely be more production to focus on getting
version one out the door.  With that said I may focus on some other area
of the reader.

Do we have a feature list?

Do we have a target release date?

Do we have a road map?

Will the first release be V1.00?

Thank you for all replies.


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I too have been looking on the project website and wikis of the SwordReader,
and admittedly the Sword Project, also--including Bible Sword and
GNOMESword.  At some point someone conceived the goals of this software
unit-even a project suite classification-and oriented/motivated a number of
people toward development of said product(s).  Where are the original goals
lists?  Does anyone know what off that list remains?  How does this project
measure its sucess and how well is it being accomplished?

>From what I have seen in the lists these past months and the previous
digests I have examined from the archives, the primary goal is to create an
OSS product to read data files and display them:  specifically-the Bible.
The format of said texts has changed and recently settled upon the XML-based
OSIS standard.  This means that we migrate information from various and
originally known formats (ThML, GBF, etc.) to OSIS formatted documents which
may be rendered for use in the product suite.

Once we know what is to be developed, then for what platforms should it be
available?  The obvious answer is to make the platform base a wide as
possible.  The obvious choice is cross platform development.  Include older
and newer equipment.  Older units are slower (albeit, more plentiful) and
the newer ones are faster (for the most part these units are scarce for the
primary year of release).  Some have less memory and no additional
capabilities.  Some have massive memory available out of the box--and
expansion is as easy as plugging in a card from the corner drugist or $5 and
$10 corner store.

Once the developers had this hammered out (I hope documented)--work began,
and I believe here is someone here who knows what has gone into each package
to enhance it.  As we have seen, there are also members here who know what
went into the code, as test code, and once th results were gathered, the
code never came out.  If documented, maybe on the wiki, or the
swordreader.org website information and documentation for developers.

Am I close?  I know there are details that are not here, simply be cause I
could not find them.  Maybe someone could fill in the missing information
and we can document some of the decisions and reasoning--testing results
among ourselves to make available to the next 'generation' of team members
whch come along.

Hope this helps.

In His servce,

John, USA
zorkermobile at ameritech.net

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