[sword-devel] EVC3 Compile Errors

SonWon sonwon.1 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 14 19:42:25 MST 2008

I don't know enough about MFC yet to take this on but maybe Mr. Trotz 
can test.

The search is really really really bad in swordreader.  I wrote a Bible 
text search in C/C++ (I use a mix of code.) that runs through the whole 
KJV with Strong's in less time than this search takes to get through one 
chapter, well book at least.  It will be challenged if it has to search 
through more than one type of formatting in the text.  So I don't expect 
it would be useful to swordreader.  It also has several other nice 
features (search for two words with a definable range of words between 
each text, plus Strong's number searching) that I would like to see 
added to search but the speed must be first priority.

What is CLUCENE?  Maybe I'll investigate why it doesn't compile.

Troy A. Griffitts wrote:
> Indeed, there are some heavy modifications going on in the engine currently.
> Though your discover of this problem brings to light an interesting idea...
> It seems that EVC3 compile is not building with CLUCENE, which is 
> expected.  Getting clucene to compile for mobile devices might be a 
> challenge.
> fastSearch was actually being REMOVED from the codebase-- not added.
> It was an old prototype implementation of a speedy search using a 
> prebuilt word dictionary.  It was only added to the 'Raw' drivers, for 
> experimentation.
> It would be interesting to osis2mod the KJV as a rawtext module, load it 
> up into SwordReader, add a menu choice to SwordReader to "Build Search 
> Index" which simply makes a call to:
> currentModule->createSearchFramework();
> you don't need to supply the optional progress bar indicator to the 
> method, for now, just to test.
> Then use SwordReader to perform a simple multi-word search and see if 
> the speed is fast.  And check to see if the index doesn't end up taking 
> too much space on the disk.
> fastSearch was added as a quick attempt to provide an indexed search 
> mechanism for systems that couldn't build clucene.  No one ever used it, 
> as everyone seems to build clucene... except for EVC-- which might be 
> the natural place to try it out.
> Of course, you will have to use an older rev of sword than what is in 
> trunk, as we just removed it... but it wouldn't be difficult to add it 
> back in under a more base class like SWModule, so that every module type 
> could take advantage of it, including compressed modules.
> Let me know if anyone gets curious and tries it out.  It would be nice 
> to put that code to use, instead of the current direction to remove it 
> entirely.
> 	-Troy.
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